Seminar - learning in a relaxed environment

Work where others come on holiday – our goal is your success!

Are you looking to plan something different, come up with a special experience or make the impossible a reality? If so, we are the right partner. Our team is flexible, service-oriented and highly motivated – let us know what you have in mind and we will make sure everything is in place!

Your aims will be achieved in no time and there will be no shortage of motivation to aim high.

Rosemary, Lavender and Sage
…are fragrant garden herbs used to season our dishes. They are also the names of our seminar rooms, where nearly all enjoy views out over the bay, the lake, the castle and its vineyards. Show your company what we have to offer and how it can benefit.

All of the seminar rooms are equipped with the latest technical equipment and all of our rooms receive an abundance of natural light.

If you have any questions regarding the available possibilities don’t hesitate to contact us. In conjunction with the Training Centre for the Swiss Meat Industry, we are also able to host conferences and larger seminar events.


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